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R. L. Staley offers a variety of sources for your raw materials, elastomers, machine shop services and fabrication services needs in support of typical oil field manufacturing and service fields.

The raw materials include steel forgings, (both open and closed die) crankshafts, and castings (investment and sand cast) in sizes from a few pounds to 96,000 lbs in quantities of a few pieces as well as much larger quantities. Our services include engineering assistance in creating a finished cast or forged part with minimal excess material required for finished part "clean-up” thus reducing costs in material and machining time.

Our sources offer capabilities of CNC turning, CNC milling, gear cutting, wire EDM, plating, grinding, honing, stamping, die repair, welding, fabricating, broaching, slotting, and assembly. They will precision machine your parts per print, or reverse engineer parts per sample. Because of the wide variety of CNC machines and manual equipment they have, they can do breakdown work, small runs, or production quantities.

As a compliment to serving our clients with raw steel we also have sources that offer a variety of O-rings, seals, gaskets and numerous other industry standard and custom made elastomers.

We welcome your call if you have any requirements or questions for oil field services, manufacturing or other industry’s needs.